Other consents

There are other non-statutory consents that property owners may require, before carrying out works or alterations to their property. Leaseholders will usually need the consent of the block managers and in some cases the freeholder, before carrying out such works as window replacements, external decorations, the fitting of satellite dishes etc. Some works, such as the conversion of a loft space, may require the payment of a premium to the freeholder, to ensure their consent. Even owners of freehold houses can be subject to estate management restrictions. Typically the houses involved would originally have been of a leasehold tenure that were subsequently converted to a freehold tenure. The estate management restrictions however remained in place along with the requirement to pay a service charge for the upkeep/maintenance of shared estate roads, communal landscaped areas etc. These restrictions are often in place in privately constructed housing estates built in the 1960/70’s. The restrictions can typically prevent the conversion of integral garages to habitable accommodation, limit the height of garden boundary structures etc. The restrictions (for both leasehold and freehold properties) are in addition to the normal requirements for obtaining any necessary planning consents and building control approvals.

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