Dampness caused by internal leak

Internal water leaks can result from a variety of sources, ranging from washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, shower trays, toilets, radiators/pipes, cold water storage tanks to hot tubs and fish tanks. Whatever the source, the resulting dampness will damage internal surfaces and in older buildings, can cause rot/decay to untreated timbers. It will be necessary to identify the source/s of dampness and repair/replace appliances/pipes as necessary, followed by internal repair/redecoration. Problems often arise where the source of the dampness is suspected of being in an adjoining property above or beside the property in question. In such cases, consultation with the adjoining owner/occupant will be necessary to ensure the source of the dampness is remedied, prior to carrying out any redecoration works. In some cases, exposure works will be required in order to confirm the source/s of the dampness and allow the necessary remedial works to be completed. A particular problem is where radiators or other pipes have been embedded in solid floors, which are not readily accessible.

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